Aromamist ZEN is very good at using the combination of essential oils and aromatherapy tools to help people find the most convenient way to meditate and practice aromatherapy through technology. These aromatherapy tools and products not only allow the benefits of essential oils to be fully utilized but also create a comfortable and peaceful environment for meditation.

Aromamist include two series: aroma-tech for waterless aroma products & mist-tech for water mist aroma diffusers. We use smart technology to bring healthy aromatherapy & moisture into your life.


This series are waterless aromatherapy products, which include pure ultrasonic aroma diffuser, nebulization aroma diffuser, ventilation fan aroma diffuser, heat aroma diffuser, aroma wood, aroma ceramic, aroma necklace, aroma bracelets, aroma mask buckle and aroma accessories.


This series are aroma diffusers used with water to provide aromatherapy as well as mist moisture into air, which include small aroma diffuser and big aroma humidifier with mist volume up to 300ml/h.